Beggar or king?

10.02.2022 / Oliver Wittwer / PDF


We are all searching for love, 
thus doing everything 
to gather even some tiny bits of it

from outside, from others.

Being in need for love is not having it,
is not being in possession of it.

Receiving love is not having it
and not being in possession of it.

And while not having the love we need, 
we will remain a beggar,

needy for one of the rarest good in the world,

a good, that indeed always surrounds us
and floods through us in every single moment. 

Only giving love is really having it,
and the only way to really be in possession of it. 

Remember what and who you are: 

A royal born, a son, a daughter of king, 
of the king of all kings. 

Step into your legacy, 
and take over the regency of love, 
and let him live in and through you. 

And become a king to serve all things.